When the history of the 21st century is written, the years 2010–2012 will almost certainly be seen as a watershed. In two intergovernmental processes between now and 2012 – the ‘Rio+20’ Conference on Sustainable Development and the UNFCCC Conference of Parties negotiations – the world’s governments will respond to the inter-linked challenges of sustainable development and climate change. In this crucial period, humankind will take – or not take – decisions that will determine our common destiny. Let’s consider how future historians might judge us.
Paul Hohnen, Associate Fellow of Chatham House and independent consultant on sustainable development.

Gabriel Neuman
Gabriel Neuman

Mi especialidad es el control y automatización. Utilizo estos elementos para diseñar edificios con la mayor eficiencia energética posible. Aprovechando al máximo la energía y buscando crear edificios Autosuficientes.

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