Reducing CO2 Emissions and Energy Consumption by Green Design

While human beings have been enjoying the fruits of rapid technology development, the earth is suffering the negative consequences of the technology boom. With global warming and climate change deteriorating, people are beginning to realize the inseparability between the fate of the globe and the future of all human beings. Therefore, many efforts are being made to reduce CO2 emissions.
VIVOTEK is deeply aware of the importance of coexisting with the environment for sustained growth and development. As a result, VIVOTEK has launched several green IT initiatives. In 2006, VIVOTEK received ISO14001 certificate, an international standard that ensures company’s management system abides by environmental policies. In the same year, VIVOTEK announced WEEE/RoHS compliance statements, declaring our products accommodate WEEE waste disposal regulations and restriction on the use of hazardous substances imposed by RoHS. VIVOTEK received IECQ QC080000 in 2008, demonstrating our commitment to controlling hazardous substances used in products, thereby achieving an environmental management system.
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Gabriel Neuman
Gabriel Neuman

Mi especialidad es el control y automatización. Utilizo estos elementos para diseñar edificios con la mayor eficiencia energética posible. Aprovechando al máximo la energía y buscando crear edificios Autosuficientes.

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